Stolen artefacts returned home to Sabratha

| June 22, 2013

A ceremony was held in the city of Sabratha on Thursday to celebrate the return of artefacts which were stolen last year. 

Alongside Sabratha’s local council, the Minister of Culture, Habib Al-Amin, and chairman of the Department of Antiquities, Saleh Agab attended the ceremony with members of UNESCO.

The two statue heads were stolen from the entrance of the classical museum in February 2012, and have suffered damage during their absence. Al-Amin stressed the importance of preserving cultural heritage in Libya, and sees it as a collective responsibility.

Libya holds a huge potential in tourism, yet unrest continues to interrupt any major advancements in the sector. Home to five UNESCO sites, and 1,700 kms (1,056 miles) of coastline, the history and landscape is there to be travelled by foreigners.

The government hopes future tourism revenues will help diversify Libya’s income – making it less reliant on oil and gas exports – and create jobs to reduce unemployment, currently estimated at 15 percent.


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