Pakistani job seekers cheated out of work in Libya

| April 1, 2013

In an article by The Express Tribune, Pakistan have said they will be in contact with Libyan diplomatic mission on the subject of Pakistani job seekers being conned by recruitment companies in Libya and Pakistan.

Thousands of job seekers are said to have been cheated out of working positions at the hands of Libyan and Pakistani recruitment firms, leading to the victims receiving the status of illegal immigrant by the authorities. Some members of the Libyan embassy are reportedly involved in the racket.

“We have already received a complaint by the Pakistani ambassador in Tripoli in this regard,” Foreign office spokesperson Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry told The Express Tribune.

Chaudhry added that they will take up the matter with the Libyan embassy.

“Our next course of action on the issue will be decided after receiving a reply from the Libyan embassy.”

The Tribune reported that the Community Welfare Attaché of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) has sent a separate complaint regarding the matter to the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Director General of the Bureau of Immigration. In his letter, the attaché said that these job seekers are at the mercy of organised criminal gangs.

“There is hardly any Pakistani who is not subjected to the loot and plunder of the Libyan criminals,” the attaché wrote. He recommended an immediate stop to the export of Pakistani human resource to Libya for the time being.

Moreover, a senior official of OPF alleged that some diplomats in the Libyan embassy and immigration officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) also facilitated the racket.

When contacted, Director General of FIA, Muhammad Anwar Virk, admitted that some people were indeed facilitated by FIA officials at airports.

“We have taken serious disciplinary action against all those officials, which includes the registration of criminal cases against them,” he said.

However, Virk categorically rejected allegations that ‘thousands’ of emigrants were unlawfully facilitated by FIA officials.

Libyan diplomats did not comment on the issue when contacted by The Express Tribune.

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